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Find out more about the variety of massages and treatments available to help you relax and revitalize.

Relaxing massage

What's a relaxing massage?

Relaxing massage is performed all over the body. It is performed with oils to allow the practitioner’s hands to glide smoothly over the body. The massage is composed of gentle kneading, effleurage, pressure and smoothing movements.

Sport Massage

What is a sports massage?

Sports massage is a type of massage that uses different techniques to optimize tissue health and recovery before and after sport.

  • Sport Massage 1h 130 chf
  • Sport Massage 1h30 170 chf
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Signature massage

What is a signature massage?

Signature massage is a multi-sensory massage, offering the fluidity of Californian massage, the precision of a therapeutic approach, the enveloping sensation of lomi-lomi, and the energy work and stretching of yoga-thai massage.

  • Signature massage 1h30 180 chf

Back massage

What is a back massage?

Back massage also helps reduce headaches and chronic neuromuscular pain. It stimulates the immune system, helping the body to defend itself against disease. In Chinese medicine, relaxing the back means “relaxing the heart and the whole body”.

  • Back massage 30' 80 chf
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Lymphatic massage

What is lymphatic massage?

Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique used to stimulate lymph circulation. Used for both medical and aesthetic purposes, this method relies on slow, gentle movements in the direction of lymphatic circulation, with variations in pressure.

  • Lymphatic massage 45' 130 chf

Therapeutic Massage

What is therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is a treatment that combines a series of movements performed by a massage therapist on the whole body, designed to relieve tension and promote well-being.

  • Therapeutic Massage ​ 1h 140 chf
  • Therapeutic Massage ​ 1h30 180 chf
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Slimming Massage

Slimming massage what is it?

Draining and slimming massage is designed to improve blood and lymph circulation, using strokes of varying intensity. This invigorating massage is effective for dislodging cellulite, unclogging adipose tissue and promoting the elimination of fatty deposits.

  • Slimming Massage 45' 130 chf

Hot Stone Massage

What is a hot stone massage?

In this massage, hot stones are used to relax muscles and relieve body tension. The stones, of volcanic origin, have relaxing properties. They must be heated to a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). For optimum effectiveness, hot and cold stones should be alternated during the treatment.

The benefits of hot stone massage are impressive. The temperature of the stones helps eliminate toxins, relax joints and stimulate blood circulation throughout your body.

  • Hot Stone Massage 1h30 180 chf

Pregnant Woman Massage

What is a massage for pregnant women?

Prenatal massage is designed specifically for pregnant women, to release these tensions. It’s a complete massage adapted to each woman’s desires and needs (notably cocooning or stimulation) for physical and psychological relaxation, as well as preparation for childbirth.

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Anti-Aging Facial Care

What is an anti-wrinkle facial?

Anti-ageing skin care products act on wrinkles, fine lines and loss of firmness, all signs of the passing of time. Anti-ageing serum, anti-wrinkle cream, eye contour: find the right anti-wrinkle product to combat skin ageing.

  • Facial Care 1h 130 chf
  • Facial Care 1h30 160 chf

Moisturizing Facial Care

What is a facial moisturizer?

Intense hydration: This treatment is specially designed to deliver deep hydration to the skin, using products rich in moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

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  • Facial Care 1h 120 chf
  • Facial Care 1h30 140 chf
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Foot Reflexology

What is foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology can be used to treat pain and emotional disorders. Foot reflexology is an ancient art of reflex-induced treatment and prevention.

Foot reflexology is the use of massage and acupressure techniques on the whole foot. It studies the physical and pathological reflex activity preceding an illness.
This support method is based on the existence of reflex zones on the feet, representing each organ of the human body.

Suction Cup Massage

What is a Suction Cup massage?

Vacuotherapy is also known as cupping. This technique uses glass or silicone suction cups to increase blood and lymph circulation.

How does cupping work?

Cupping as a therapy is a pseudoscience. It is based on the principle that a bell-shaped container creates a vacuum by suction on the skin. The practice is supposed to relieve and prevent certain ailments.

  • Suction Cup Massage 1h 120 chf

Pochon massage

What is a pouch massage?

Herbal pouch massage is a Thai massage technique that involves applying a mixture of aromatic plants and spices placed in a cotton cloth over the entire body. The pouches are heated with steam to release their essences and active ingredients.

  • Pochon massage 1h 130 chf

Body Scrub

What is a dry scrub?

The aim is to rid the epidermis of its top layers of dead skin, which cannot always fall off by itself. Dead skin falls off in chunks, similar to dandruff of varying size. This tends to make the skin look thicker and duller.

Head Spa

What is a Head spa?

The Japanese Head Spa is a unique wellness experience, combining hair care techniques with deep relaxation. Originating in Japan, this practice has become popular for its multiple benefits, both for the hair and the mind.

4 Benefits of Head Spa

Deep scalp relaxation
Gentle, soothing scalp massages relieve tension and promote relaxation, leaving your hair and mind completely relaxed.
Stimulation of blood circulation
Circular massage movements stimulate blood circulation, which can help improve hair follicle health and promote healthy hair growth.
Reduced stress and anxiety
The Head Spa offers a moment of calm and tranquillity, helping to reduce accumulated stress and anxiety, while promoting an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.
Improved hair quality
By nourishing the scalp and stimulating blood circulation, Head Spa can help strengthen hair from root to tip, improving its appearance and overall texture.

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